About Buds Blooms & Bouquets

Hi there! I’m Caitlyn, the grower, processor, and arrangement maker behind Buds, Blooms & Bouquets Cut Flowers. Buds, Blooms & Bouquets is located locally, in Bible Hill Nova Scotia. I have always had an adoring eye for flowers and loved being around them. There is just something about flowers that makes my soul happy.

I grow dozens of varieties of flowers each season, all on the property behind my family’s home in Bible Hill, NS. I start flowers from seed and grow them all in our spare bedroom/office until they are ready to head outside. Our first flowers are ready to be processed in late April/early May and we continue to cut flowers until September, or as long as the frost allows.

I sell individual bouquets from my home and road stand as well attend the occasional market. I also sell small and large arrangements that can be pre-ordered. We offer a limited number of flower subscriptions for spring and summer that allow people the ease of picking up flowers on a set schedule so they can enjoy their beauty at home.

Buds, Blooms & Bouquets is more than just a small business for me. It’s a passion project. I love being a local business owner and providing a product that puts a smile on my customers faces.